How to add new community extensions? I have a huge list already

  1. First of all Entr0py404 extensions. It have Point light and Spot light that work with Default 3D! I use it and it’s really cool:
  1. Put an object around a point 3D extension. Normal Gdevelop “Put an object around” action works horizontally only. A guy from Discord created this extension. It allows to Put an object around anything in any of 3D directions:
  1. PauseFocusLost Fixed version. It works better. The old version has some bugs with banner AD on mobile devices. You can install this extension or just change the code of original extension to this:
var sound_manager = runtimeScene.getGame().getSoundManager();
var volumen = sound_manager.getGlobalVolume();

document.addEventListener("visibilitychange", evt => {
    if (runtimeScene.getGame()._paused) {
    else {

4.Noone uses Yandex SDK from Gdevelop extensions since a long time ago. Everyone uses Achubutkin Yandex SDK extension because it just works better (show AD, check if it’s open/close, save/load Leaderboard, save/load player’s data, load user’s name ):


If you mean add them to the list, it is up to the extension authors to submit them and go through either the full review or limited community review processes to get added.

There is no mandate that extensions be in the lists, as Reborn showed you can add whatever extension you want regardless of the list itself.

Yes, i mean in the list available to all users. All of these extensions are useful. I’ve explained everything earlier

Then as mentioned, it is up to the extension authors themselves on whether to submit it to be added or not, especially as they have to decide if they want it to be released as MIT licensed (a requirement of being added to the lists.) People generally cannot request an extension be added if they are not the author themselves.

Otherwise, users are welcome to install it manually as shown.