How to add new extensions

I have found 2 new extensions … array & widgets

I have downloaded 'em
How do I add them to a projects?

My 1st post …


Most of the time, extract them inside the Game Develop folder ( Check if there is a readme explaining how to add them ) and relaunch Game Develop.
Then, you just need to open your game and activate them for the game : In the project manager, make a double click on Extensions and check the extensions you need in the list.

( By the way, please note that "This forum is only indented for discussion concerning the development of extensions. ". Next time, please post your message in “Help for games creation” or “Generals discussions” :wink: )

By the way, where is the you can find the extensions for GD?

Extensions here: … extensions

Tried to download “Array extansion” - got “Problem loading page”, “Server not found”.

Updated links, try here :slight_smile: :

These extensions have not been updated and are not compatible with the latest version of GD!

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