How to change the owner of game

I have made my game. I registered it online but I don’t have the access to its metrics. It’s because I recently switched my GDevelop account. Now, I don’t know how to change the owner of my game. Does anyone know how to do this?

Go to the general settings and then to Author name

Thanks for the help but that’s not what I meant. I mean, I have one account. In that account, I made my game. Now, I switched to another account. How do I now change the owner of my game from my previous account to my current account?

You can’t, an ID is generated and linked to the project and to your account used for the registration.
Otherwise it can be falsified by everyone.

You can for obvious security and privacy reasons not get the old/current analytics of your project linked to your older account. You can though link the next builds of your game to your new account. To do so, open your game.json and replace "projectUuid": "some-numbers-and-characters", with "projectUuid": "",, reopen the project in GDevelop and you can register it again with your new account. Always be careful and backup your project file before modifying it to not risk corrupting it.