How to contribute

How can I contribute to Gdevelop Wiki by adding tutorials?


Any kind of work that spreads the word about GDevelop or improves the user experience is a contribution. Some examples of valuable contributions:

  • Help edit the documentation wiki
  • Answer questions on the forum/discord
  • Build example games
  • Create tutorials and other GDevelop content
  • Build extensions
  • Test and search for bugs in new features in nightly builds
  • Provide good bug reports
  • Talk about GDevelop to big group of people/schools
  • Help translate the project on Crowdin
  • Create a good game and leave the “Made with GDevelop splash screen”
  • And of course writing code for the engine itself

To add a tutorial on the wiki simply go to to gdevelop5:tutorials:inserthenameofyourtutorialhere [GDevelop wiki] (obviously, replacing inserthenameofyourtutorialhere with the name of your tutorial), then click on “create page”.

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It shows, if you have permission.
How can I get permission?

You don’t need any permission you do need to have an account though.

I found out where that is.
My bad😁