How to edit sprites on iPad

Is there a way to edit sprites within Gdevelop for iPad?

Does the built in editor not already do the job? Like when you add an animation to an object there is the Piskel editor there.

Thanks for responding, there doesn’t seem to be a built in sprite editor for the iPad,if there is I can’t find it.

Yeah not a problem, I am sure here in a minute one of the more experienced people will have a better answer for you. Until then, maybe I can help you out. I don’t have an Ipad but I did download it on my android and what I found out was I couldn’t access the feature I mentioned earlier. All I could do was bring in graphics I already had on my phone. It looks like you will need to use another app when you are doing this on your phone. I would suggest something that allows you onion layers, resizing while keeping the ratio, change the color of all the pixels of this color and any other quality of life things you desire.

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