How to Find Width & Height For Sprite Sheet

Im Making a Mario & Found a Sprite Sheet What What Width & Height Would I Do For Each Collum

I’m not too familiar with sprite sheets but this seems to be a combination of multiple sets. Normally it would be a simple grid of images without anything else. They’d be evenly spaced in a grid of something like 7x1 (meaning 7 colums and 1 row), the width would be the image width divided by 7 and the height would be the image height.

You could look for seperate sheets or images or as a last resort you could cut, copy, paste, crop this into individual sheets but I wouldn’t recommend that. It would be time consuming and tough to align everything.

With that kind of srpitesheet you need to cut out animation manually
Like i did cut out idle animation set

Now you go for Sprite Sheet Slicer by isometric8
You declare number of columns and rows
In this case 16 columns and 1 row
And you slice it and you have your idle animation sliced into separate images
Now you repeat the process for other animation sets