How to fullscreen a HTML5 Android Game

I’m a beginner trying to make a game with fullscreen mode
I tried to activate fullscreen and checked keep aspect ratio.
Fullscreen is working in Intel SDK emulator.
But when i export it to apk and install to my smartphone, full screen is not working

Do i need another tweak in my project or when build in Intel SDK?

EDIT: Apparently, uncheck the keep aspect ratio did the trick. Silly me

i´m trying to do the same thing. if any of us have the answer let´s post it here.

Did you try it?

Yep, tried it.
It’s working in my phone which has a larger resolution :slight_smile:

I was marking your possible solution because aparcedo’s comment :smiley:

Hello all,
I need your help: where is “keep aspect ratio” option ? I can’t find it :angry:

Thanks a lot for your help,

Are you looking for this? This is how I change the “Keep aspect ratio”.