How to have a custom path for creating a file/directory?

Hi, I wanted to have my own custom data file for my game, and when you start the game, it creates a folder in your Desktop folder and then creates folders inside that folder. Then you can do something and and it creates a file inside one of the folders inside the folder (a lot of folders, I know). Can someone tell me how to do this?

Just to be clear, no one will tell you how to do something, that would just be glorified unpaid work for you, but we can guide you on to the right path :wink: .
You may want to look at File system [GDevelop wiki]. There is an expression to get the desktop path and actions to create folders and files.

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I literally looked there and it didn’t tell me how.

There’s literally a section that describes the action “Create a directory”. That seems to be what you’re looking for. At that point you’d need to use that action in an event to create what you want.

I’m trying to create my own path. That’s what I’m trying to say.

I figured it out. Thanks for nothing.