How to install/run GDevelop 5 on Ubuntu 20.04?

I’ve downloaded v5.0.0-beta92/gdevelop-5.0.0-beta92.tar.gz … extracted it.

  • checked executable permission on ‘gdevelop’.
  • trying to run, with nothing to open it :frowning:

with my very limited sysadmin skills, I added .run and ran in terminal - this did temporarily open Gdevelop… but that’s not good enough.

Any ideas?


This is what I did on a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04.

  1. Extract .tar.gz archive
  2. Open the GDevelop folder
  3. rename gdevelop to
  4. In Files, click the hamburger menu (3 lines) at the top right corner and select Preferences
  5. Click the Behavior tab
  6. For Executable Text Files, select “Ask what to do” and close the menu
  7. double click, when prompted select “Run”

So seems like a missing permission on the executable?

It is not a permission problem.
The file do have permission to be executed as a program and you can run it from terminal using ./gdevelop and also by treat it as a shell script as I explained above.

It seems to be a known issue with Electron:

Good finding, seems that there is no obvious solution… unless maybe switching to AppImage for distribution?
Would I think make things simple for most users.

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AppImage would be nice and easy for sure, if not that could include at least a shell script called that launch gd by executing a terminal command.

For those who don’t know what a shell script is and the script open in a text editor maybe and don’t run, could include a comment in the script explaining they need to allow shell scripts to be execute in the file browser preferences or open the folder in terminal and use ./gdevelop command to launch GD. I mean, if someone choose to use or develop for Linux, they need to get comfortable with launching staff from terminal and using shell scripts anyway so a shell script should be fine imo :+1: