How to make 2 keys pressed at same time HELP

I am making a two player Tank shooting game and when I press a button the other tank controls are delayed after I release the key I am holding it works Please help ps I don’t know if this should be in General discussions or Bug reports since it may just be my lack on knowledge

Show us some events, so we can check if there is a logic problem :slight_smile:

So These are all my events yes I am making a tank shooting game but its a real problem if the two people can’t control their tank at the same time

It’s not a problem of GDevelop (your events are correct and GDevelop’s condition works). I think it’s a keyboard limitation : some keys can’t be pressed together because of the way the keyboard is constructed (a keyboard doesn’t have as many outputs as keys, it would be useless).
You can try some other keys for the second player. :wink:

Yeah, for example it’s impossible to play games that need to press diagonals (or many key combinations) with 2 players and one keyboard. When I play KOF, Metal Slug, etc. with my brothers, I connect a second keyboard or use a online emulator :slight_smile:

I uploaded my game can you please try it your self or when you say key board limitation do you mean every keyboard is the same
Tank Shooters.gdg (24.1 KB)

Never mind it wont’ have any of the pictures

It works as it should here, I can move both tanks simultaneously within the keyboard limitation, for example I can move forward and turn both tanks while shooting with one of them, what is the problem exactly? :slight_smile:
By the way, the event 5 creates a bullet at Player1.X(); Player2.Y(), I guess it isn’t by design :wink: