How to make a card game?

No, i DON’T want a memory card game, i WANT a battle card game, i forgot the name, it’s like those games where you have a deck and mana, and one card can do some damage and some health, you understand right? Anyways, i want to make a card game, but i don’t know how to start or make it, could someone please help?

i was working on one. stopped for now, because the pc i am working with is too weak to run 2 games at once, to test out PVP/P2P.
you can try out a testbuild Here
in this version i forgot to disable the draggable behavior, so dont drag any cards, just tap them.
Also the Ice cross spell is only implemented for Player 2 atm.
if you ask how, well that’s an overwhelming amount of information.
Maybe at the beginning of next month, when i have more data volume, i might share my project file.
for now i can say, it is totally possible :slight_smile:

here is the official thread for GÖRTAN

i was about to send you just the JSON file, so you could at least have a peak at the events, to MAYBE get some of the logic (is pretty complex and not so well readable anymore after i did some optimization).
but just the json alone is 77mb. this will have to wait till next month.


77MB JSON :scream:
Were you in a copypasting frenzy or did you spend three years on it non-stop? :smile:
(Looks awesome, btw :heart_eyes:)
I tried zipping a project’s json, it went from 500k to 30k :wink:

@ElColorSombreroGuy a first step could be to follow any of the GDevelop tutorials to learn the basics, a second step could be to dissect the card pairs example while browsing the wiki to understand fully how the example is built. Then you should be able to start your journey.


I don’t know how experienced you are in coding or with gdevelop but when I decided to learn game making I had a card game in mind. As I studied, I found all the logic required to be huge. You are probably smarter than I am but it requires much to see all the cards and randomize the deal and shuffle and move, etc.
I know this didn’t help you but just wanted to give you a heads up on the complexity.

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6 months 10-12h a day, every day.
Once the deckbuilder and ai is done and the amount of cards reach a decent level of variety I expect it to grow about 4 or 5 times that size

i am astonished how (especially early days) developers can make games so small.
like Yu-Gi-Oh The Sacred Cards for gba is only 9,46 mb and has way more cards (900!).

görtan started with the pairs example aswell, even tho theres nothing left of it, and it was not that useful, but at least i started.

Got it under 33 mb by stripping everything away that wasn’t used yet. (P2P/ai/deckbuilder)
I found a mistake, magic immunity dmg was not subtract but set to :frowning: mean I have to go through every spell (4) for every position (12) per player (2) 4x12x2.
The json is coming tomorrow
I wish the search and replace function would work for internal stuff too, not just the selfwritten stuff :persevere:

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Here is the JSON File.
wow, rar compressed is a miracle :o
33,8mb to 120kb?!

I hope that helps a little. it could have been better structured, and with smart use of dynamic childvariables, the whole thing could shrink down considerably. i did not know this, when i started this project.

if you have specific questions, you can pm me, or use this thread.