How to make a dynamic Inventory to replace FlexBox

Hello everyone!

For the past couple days i’v been working on a new inventory system to replace the ones i had using FlexBox Extension due to the memory leak stuff.

Making a dynamic inventory, one that updates the position of the items in real time and such can be real hard work and theres little info out there on how to make a proper one.

So heres a video of me trying my best how to explain how i made mine!

Sorry in advance… its kinda late, i have a tendancy to ramble and i had no script… its sort of a Dev Log.

Hope you can get any sort of useful info out of it!

Let me know if youd like me to show you other stuff, like how i make the sound volumes based on position and such, im happy to share and help people make butt kicking games!

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Updated the video to be a less rambling mess…

This stuff is really hard to explain, its like clockwork with lots of moving parts, if one breaks, it all breaks, hope the new video makes more sense…
If it dosent, ill try to put it all in writting with more thought into it.

Hope you can get something out of it <3