How to make a game like FEZ?

I want to know how to make a game like FEZ?
I also wonder how to do the switching of these “intermediate frequencies” (changing view; middle rotation).

I am a total beginner, but I want to collect ideas.:wink:

Hi!. I think that making a game like FEZ may be too much for a beginner.
I suggest you to watch the platform examples, and try to do a simple platform game by yourself before going into something bigger.

I want to collect ideas!:wink:
So how can i do what i want to do?
Ideas welcome!:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve read in another game engine it’s possible to use more than one camera, each for another position.
In GDevelop’s documentation i can’t find using more then one camera…:thinking:

First sorry, english isn’t my native language…:relaxed:

Wow, when I heard that the community is helpful I thought you would give it a try. So far I cannot agree to that!:confused:

I agree to that i’ve to begin with a plattformer, but this isn’t my question!

I think no one has attempted to make a game like Fez so perhaps that’s why there is a low response. It took around 5 years to make that game and it wasn’t on a 2D engine. It relies on interactions between 3D and 2D space. Trying to make that on GD, I think would be extremely challenging but you might be able to do some kind of pseudo-3D effect which might be similar, but probably inferior. Maybe this thread will give you some ideas though…

Just to give you an idea about how that original was made for comparison… here’s info from wiki >

Bédard wrote Fez in Microsoft Visual C# Express and XNA Game Studio Express.[9] He coded the level editor[53] and the game engine, Trixel, which converts 2D tiles (“triles”) into four-sided 3D voxels (“trixels”).[6] Fish made 2D pixel art in Photoshop for each side of the trixel,[h] which Bédard’s custom software compiled into 3D game assets. Fish would then design levels in the level editor by extruding surfaces,[9] a process he found “overwhelming”[39] but akin to playing with Lego blocks.[9] In their workflow, Fish first proposed ideas that Bédard would implement. The two would then discuss and fine-tune the addition[53]—they worked well together.[6]

I found a tutorial on how to make it in unity, so i think and hope it’s possible to make it in gdevelop.

Unity is a better engine for Fez because it’s dedicated 3D.

But it’s to powerful.:wink:

What’s with my question about the camera?

The different cameras in GD are still on a 2D plane, so you can just set them to different areas of the screen or to different layers. They don’t affect the “depth of field” or the viewing angle. They do effect zoom though so you can get some cool zoom effects,.

For example if you hold your hand up in front of your face, so it’s pretty square on. Look at your thumb, that could be cam 1. Look at your little finger, that could be cam 2. It’s still a flat hand, but the cams are just placed in different positions.

Fez is literally a 3D game. The main story of that game involves a 2D character discovering the world is 3D and that they can rotate the camera.

Unfortunately, you cannot make those mechanics in GDevelop.

The rest of Fez is a normal exploration based platformer.

There is a unique camera per layer in GDevelop, but thst isn’t going to allow you to do the type of 3D polygons or type of rotation required for this.

In pure 2d you can fake some 3D effects using layers, paralax, and sprite stretching, but I think it’s too much work for not so good results, when you can use a 3D engine.

Ok, thanks!:slightly_smiling_face:

No matter if it works with pseudo 3d or not at all, I generally want to use gdevelop already :wink: - even if it is not a FEZ clone.:blush:

I don’t want to create 3d games in general.:sunglasses:

PS: I just hope that gdevelop will be developed further, so that something like this will be possible with simple 3d.:thinking:

GDevelop is an excellent 2D game engine, and will continue developing. However, it has been repeatedly said by the contributors and dev in the past that it is a 2D engine, and will not have full 3D developed for it in the future.

(Besides maybe the old 3D Box object, but that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road as it’s very low on the priority list in the roadmap)

It’s always a great joke todo for the 1st april btw.

The anwser from the FAQ on Discord:

When 3D will be supported in GDevelop?
GDevelop is a 2D-centric engine, we strive to provide a fast and easy to use engine for everyone.
3D is a totally different world, there are many things to do in 2D, exploring another world is not planned.

I would add, GD is in a 2D world, so even if we fake the 3th dimension, there is nothing for return the position on the 3th axe. This is an unsolvable problem in 2D. Maybe we can fake the axis, but we build a real 2d engine :slight_smile: