How to make a platformer beat em up

heya tryin to find a way to make a simple beat em up combo for my platforming game
which includes punching and kicking buttons I literally tried every tutorial I could find on YouTube but the problem here is that none of them could fix the problem of the player’s animation stopping at the first frame only soo…I hope anybody would find a way for me to make this combo

Did you check this? How can I make the main character duck?

this is only teaching you on how to make the character duck it has nothing related to a beat em up combo

You are right, but it has a solution for the problem that only the first frame of your animation is played.

well I literally tried everything that was done on this tutorial but every time I’m trying to press the button that was supposed to be pressed it doesn’t work

here take a look at my events sheet and tell me where did I go wrong

When Ahmedberserker is jumping and you press X, Animation 4 or 5 will be triggered, I guess that might be a problem.

then what do you think I need to do?

You have to add more conditions, so it becomes clear for the engine which action should be executed while pressing z. I don’t know what actually happens when animation 4 or 5 is playing (in which sequence they should play etc.).
There are conditions under Animations and Images (e.g. Animation finished) that could help you to achieve what you want.

Alright I might try this out