How to make your proposal

You can start writing your proposal to work with us during GSoC.
I’ve slightly updated the description of what you should include in your proposal: Google Summer of Code

The proposal format is free - keep it concise but with all the information listed on the GDevelop GSoC organization page.

  • Don’t forget to mention any contributions you’ve done to GDevelop, if any (GitHub issues, Pull Requests, forum discussion, community involvement, etc…).

  • We won’t make an in-depth review/proofreading of all proposals. Instead, we’re looking at students being able to create proposals on their own and refine them by asking questions on the forum or by investigating GDevelop source code.

  • … but it’s totally ok to ask specific questions or feedback about a technical detail (I want to do this by doing X, Y, Z, but unsure if I should do Z1 or Z2. I would choose Z1, do you think it’s a good idea?).

Thanks again for your interest! Looking forward to read your proposals :slight_smile:


Can These questions be personally mailed to you or any of the members of the GDeveop team?

Thank you for considering the question.

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The community can help you too on some points.
If you wish send your questions by mail, think to include all mentors in the mail :slight_smile:
Some user create a topic here, it’s also a good place, your questions can help other student / dev to learn how work GD :wink:

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