How to open a GDevApp project file in GDevelop?

When I download the json file from GDevApp it says “…download to continue the experience on native GDevelop software”, and as the plan was to keep GDevApp project file compatible with GDevelop and vice-verse I think I should be able to open this json file in GD, but I can’t,

When I try to open it, GDevelop simply can’t see the json file. If I rename it to gdg, I get this error message:

“GDevelop IDE Error
Error while loading:
Error document empty”

Am I do wrong something or GDevApp and GDevelop is not compatible with each other at the moment?
I thought they are :neutral_face:

It should works: try to download again the project file (it’s a .json file). When you want to open it with GDevelop, you must choose the .json file: On Windows, type *.json and press Enter to reveal all the .json file of a folder. On Ubuntu, start typing the name of the file when you’re in the folder, select it in the list and click on Open. :slight_smile:

If you rename the file to .gdg, GDevelop will try to open it as XML.
I’ll change the filter in the next version so that JSON file are shown.

Thanks, it worked :slight_smile:
Also I was able to make changes, save it in GDevelop and upload it to GDevApp :laughing:
Just worked perfectly, except the object rotation. If I have rotated an object in the editor of GDevelop it not rotated in the editor of GDevApp.
But other then that, most things I have done in GDevelop seems worked in GDevApp.
I think I’m going to use GDevelop to edit few things as it IDE lot more powerful at the moment, but I would prefer GDevApp, as few days ago my PC decided not to boot the OS any more, and when I started a Live Linux disk I just could not get anything from my hard drive because of permission problems :angry:. Luckily I was able to get the project file at least from my PC, but nothing else so now I have to re-edit and recreate some of the images and sounds used in the project. :cry:
It just made me thinking, how convenient would be that if I would have this project in the “cloud” no matter what, my project would be there ready to do anything with it. Of course I could upload my project to google drive or dropbox a bit more frequently but it still not the same as you always have to download it and re-upload it, whenever you want to use it, So, yeah I just seriously consider to use GDevApp now. But :smiling_imp: I don’t really like that whenever I download or upload a project I need to play with the path of the images as when I download the project file, it looking for the images at specific places in specific folders and when I upload a project I need to consider where the images are stored online and I supposed to use the same path basically.

In case of images stored on GDevApp, it not that bad as the path is only few folders but in case of custom images stored in dropbox the actual path is a URL, that doesn’t work in GDevelop. So, as mostly we going to use custom images anyway how about that if we could also use in GDevelop a URL as a path just to make the project ready to use in GDevApp when we upload it, but also in GDevelop when we download it?

Excellent :smiley:

Indeed, the scene editor in GDevApp is not yet ended, the data are properly stored, it’s just the rendering that does not handle rotation for now.

For images, it is indeed the main difficulty for now when using both GDevelop and GDevApp. For builtin images, it can be easily solved just by downloading or including the images when downloading the project file, so I do not worry about it. But for custom images using URL, it’s indeed more difficult :confused: I think the most straighforward would be for GDevelop to transparently download files that are using URLs.

Do you mean, GD would download the images only for local use but keep the URL as path, or also change the path to be local?
Just because, when we upload the project to GDevApp it need a URL for custom images, so the path must be kept as URL to make the transition between the two easy and simple.

Would it be difficult (possible) to load images in GDevelop directly from URL same as GDevApp does? Just sounds easier to me, as if I download a project it would be ready to use in GDevelop and if I add new images (using URL’s) that would be also ready to use in GDevApp once it is uploaded.
GDevelop would download images from URL only when it exported or can be optional.
Just to mention, I mean use URL’s directly only in case of HTML5 games not native games.

Yeah, that’s what I had in mind: GDevelop could download any image refering using an URL so that the game can be edited locally and then transfered back to GDevApp with no changes. :slight_smile:
(Note that I’m not going to work immediately on this, but that would be indeed great)