How to re-compile Gdevelop 5 for 32-bit windows?

I have been amazed by Gdevelop 5 but it’s my dream to get Gdevelop 5 on my system because I have 32-bit windows!
So recently I have heard from lizard (a member here) that we can re-compile it to work for 32-bit systems.
But I don’t know how to! :confused: :confused: :confused:
Can anyone help me with this? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Do you need to do it yourself or precompiled versions work for you?, because I’ve shared a link in the general channel on discord, it points to a Google Drive folder with my compiled binaries :slight_smile:

Pre-compiled version would be awesome! :smiley: But I don’t have a Discord account so I can’t find the link! :frowning:
So can you give the link here? Please? :unamused:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Worked for me! Millions of Thanks to you! :smiley:

Thanks to you, now I got Gdvelop 5 and now I want to open my old project in Gdevelop 5 which is made in Gdevelop 3.
I tried to name it as x.json but it still doesn’t work!
[spoiler]As said by Gdevelop Wiki[/spoiler]
Is there any other solution?

This is off-topic… But GD3 is very old, you should open your project in GD4 and then save it as .json :neutral_face:

If new versions of GD4 can’t open your project you’ll have to search an initial version of GD4.

How to use it to download on 32 bit windows

Sorry for getting off-topic. Thanks for the answer! Worked for me
Now I am totally ready to go. Anyway, what’s the process of changing a software to 32 bit?


So i can change Gdevelop 5 Beta 68 for 32 bit! :wink::wink::wink:

~Lots of Thanks :wink:

Sorry I can’t understand you. Will you please rephrase you question?

I want to compile latest version. But now by myself! Please tell me process and I will compile it for 32-Bit myself!
~Thanks in advance

For next follow this new thread.

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