How to remove GD completely under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?

I was accidentally closed the object editor when I was editing an external layout, and now every time I’m open it, I get a graphical bug instead of the actual editor. (attached a screenshot) :astonished:

I’ve tried to reinstall GD, remove it and install it again, but nothing helps. I was even extract GD from the deb file and run it from there,but nothing helps. Probably the settings of GD still remain somewhere even after remove but I can’t find it.
So how can I completely wipe out GD from my drive under Ubuntu 14.04 so I can start with a fresh install and settings?
Or what is the name of the file/folder that store the settings? At least I could delete that one.


There is probably a hide folder (folder name beginning with a dot) containing Game Develop’s settings, try to delete it.

Thanks Victor, I founf it :slight_smile: