How to report a game in for being inappropriate?

How do i report a game?

I know theres probably a button, but i mean it when i say im literally blind… i tried to find one but couldnt, so i decided to ask here.

The game bellow has, mature language, cursing and outright racial slurs.
Is adult content allowed or was this an oversight?

This thing has been played over 8.000 times…

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Scroll down, under description, in faded white text is “report game”. You’ll find a google form. I’ve filled it out myself but go ahead and do it too. I find it sketchy that the report link is faded, small, and out of place. Why are they trying to make it difficult to find? Maybe I’m just overthinking it but it should be much clearer.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

…and yeah i agree! I dont think their hiding it on purpose, it more just a bad design decision, it happens, you make something look nice at the cost of making it less useable. has something like this for deleting your projects, its a tiny little font link at the corner of the page…

Would be nice if this was a tad more visible.