How to select different characters for different dungeons?

I’m thinking of adding this feature for my game, where you can select unlockable characters that you already owned and be able to use them all at each dungeon.


you selected player a to run at dungeon b, after finishing that dungeon, you can now select player b then run inside dungeon b and so on.

What I would try to do is, have all the characters as different objects and have each object member of the same group and
finally create the selected character object form it name at the beginning of each scene/dungeon.

So, let say we have 3 character object the player can unlock and choose from:


And have each character object member of the character group:

Group character:

To select a character, we could display all the characters on the screen and store the selected character numbers inside a global variable:

If character 1 is selected : Do = 1 to global variable selection If character 2 is selected : Do = 2 to global variable selection If character 3 is selected : Do = 3 to global variable selection

Finally, at the beginning of each scene or dungeon, we can create the selected character object from it name and using the variable like so:

Among objects character, create object named "character" + ToString(GlobalVariable(selected)) at position X,Y

Actually, I have just created an example for you: (67.1 KB)

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Cool idea!
Is it possible to change character during gameplay? Sort of like Lost Vikings or the Trine serie.