How to STOP Auto-Jump by holding JUMP button?

Ok! But if someone could test/review the code to see if it’s “academic” enough… :smiley:

Go to gdevelop discord there are channels like WIP extension and examples
And ask there for testing or checking your work

I did not dive into extensions i only am able to figure out how something works or how to do something in them by looking at same/similar example in another extension

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Ok! Thanks for your advice and your time!! I must say that I have learnt quite a lot with this seemingly “easy” task!

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tried this but now sometimes the character won’t jump when pressing jump button even if it should.

Show me your events

When you try something you replicate it and don’t add your stuff and wonder why it is not working
Which 99% of the time is reason why it is not working

Delete Is on floor

I wasn’t sure how much other events to send since I have a pretty long list of events. I apologize I am new here. The issue doesn’t seem to happen too much so I guess I will just forget it.

So i just told you best practice since we all were in same boat

Copy EXACTLY what you see
Do not add your stuff until you check if it is working
And double even triple check did you copied it 1 to 1
You have no idea how many times many of us did not get something right just because we messed up event order or added ONE SINGLE action/condition here or there

You need to make some mistakes to learn what not to do

And since only difference from your events to mine is that you used is on floor
Then removing it should fix it

If problem still occurs then you should try disabling other events one by one and check which is causing it

Hello Nerdycoder!
First of all welcome! If you’re new to the forums or Gdevelop in general don’t worry about it. Learning all of this stuff is hard at first and some people forget that. I was able to come up with a fix for this that doesn’t involve coyote time or any of the other extensions meant to deal with jumps. Try this out and let me know if it works for you. Happy developing!

Thanks! this worked great!

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