How to upload custom sprites into the web version

can someone show me how to put in my own sprites into the web version?

Hi, welcome.

Please check the answer by SilverStreak under this post


yes but isnt there a way to do it with google drive

According to SilverStreaks reply in the linked post you have to:

  1. install the main engine on a desktop
  2. add all of your assets to a project
  3. save the project locally
  4. then upload the entire folder to google drive

Did you try that?
In any case you need to have Gdevelop installed somewhere, before you can get your assets via google drive into the webversion.

yes i am going to put my project into later to use a custom website. can I do it like calling from a directory and change the files later?

You cannot change or tweak the assets because piskel - the internal sprite editor - is not supported in the web version. This is also true for other apps that come with the desktop version of Gdevelop. You can make your event sheets with the assets imported through google drive and save or export the project.

alright in the code it calls upon the image and will load that based on what it is called. so lets say that I name my sprite( the one I am using to model it) and name it jerry. then I take my custom animation also named jerry and run it. this runs just the HTML file. do will this work

If your assets on google drive include the animations of your sprite (basically a bunch of sprites which are played in frames) you can do this in the webversion. You can check what is possible by opening one of the example projects there.