How to use P2P?

I am not getting how to get started with Online Multiplayer Basics.
In the wiki it is there but I don’t know how to get it started.
Can anyone please help me… :disappointed:

P2P is not part of GDevelop yet, it is still in development. If you want to test the development version just tell me :wink:

Then I don’t think so that it should be openly shown in the wiki.
Removing it would be fine for now, right?

But however, how to have just basic multiplayer. Like in my case I want that the 2 devices should communicate about a Sprite’s position (the position should be same in both screens).

Is this possible to accomplish this now. :thinking:

It is already on the wiki because the doc is developped in parallel of the extension. You are right tho I forgot to add the warning. You can’t do multiplayer right now without JavaScript. Again if you want to test the dev version of the p2p extension just tell me.

Yes sure, Please. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please tell me, how do you do this. It would be better if you take my case as an example.
Here an example and the extension. To install the extension close all instances of gdevelop, find the gdevelop installation directory, and put the P2P folder in the subfolder resources/GDJS/Runtime/Extensions of that installation folder. You can the nopen the example via gdevelop or directly try by yourself.

Of course it is possible but muuuch more complicated than many think when creating threats like, how do i create a mmorpg, please integrate realtime multiplayer with the next update, GD should host servers, etc.
Okay it shows the big interest but it takes even more time and sweat for an easy and good solution for everyone who is not an experienced developer.

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Where is it? :thinking: (I have default installation of GD)


What do I have to do to connect. I am unable to connect :disappointed:

Can you provide me with a list of Known Issues and the limitations of the current version of P2P…

Look at the example I sent with the extension

Yes, From the example called MultiplayerExample. What do I need to do to play the preview?

I try to start 2 instances of preview but nothing happens when I click Connect! even after providing same IDs in both the instances :disappointed:

I don’t know if I am doing correctly. Please tell exactly what I need to do😓

It still is in development, I don’t have time to answer questions that might be bugs, sorry. I’ll try to release it fast.

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Fast is good, bugfree is better. Take the time you need :slight_smile:

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That’s true :smirk:

OK :sweat_smile:, Take your own time for the development. But can you suggest any good tutorial for connecting two devices and sharing data between 2 devices using JavaScript. :smile: