How to use the bug reports category

If you encounter a bug with GDevelop, here are the steps to follow:
Update GDevelop if there is a new version available, and try again.
If the bug persists, restart your computer and try again.
If the bug persists, open an example project and try to reproduce the bug.
If the bug occurs, save the project, open a new topic in this section and share the project’s folder (zip it and host it on platforms such as Share the link, describe the steps you follow to reproduce the bug, and state the version of your operating system and the version of GDevelop you are using.

If the bug only occurs in a single project, you may try to duplicate the affected scene and disable or delete parts of it to determine which part is at fault. Confirm also that all the resources are available (no red lines in the Resources tab) and that the hitboxes of the objects are correct (no warning sign).
If you cannot find the source of the bug, feel free to share the project’s folder in this section and/or describe the issue as good as you can.

For some reson drag and drop works great for few first sec after running engine but then i am not able to drag and drop objects, not even able to drag events in event editor! I then have to restart my pc :frowning:

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FileSystem::UserHomePath(), doesn’t working on Linux… :anguished:

It’s the Windows OS I am using.

Good day! I found a loophole in GDevelop. More precisely, you can remove the GDevelop splash screen when starting the game, without buying a license!

Thanks for your feedback, we know this.
It’s not a big problem, it will become one if everyone abuses it.
We have a way to make the modification of this value more complicated but it is a waste of time for now, we have other priorities.

can i use it? :slight_smile: Or not?

Just for some clarity on this, there are no purchased licenses for GDevelop.

You can pay for a subscription, but the features enabled by that are just quality of life simplifications (More builds per day using the online build server, more analytics available via the GD5 analytics system, and simplification of removing the splash screen), not a license.

You see other alerts in the engine when previewing/activating the debugger/etc, but those are just alerts, not requirements.