HTML outputs not working

I have been trying to use this program in my class. We exported to an HTML format, I uploaded to our server and some of the games load, and some do not. Not too sure why as they work when played within the program. Here is a sample link: … 20Johnson/

or … 0Saunders/ … n%20Giles/


any help would be appreciated,

I get page not found and website not found. It doesn’t seem to be GD related but server, database or domain configuration. Could you share a direct link to the .html file on your web server?

In case you would like to share the game on your website, you may want to consider to use, you can host the game there and then embed the game in your website. It is completely free and easy and you don’t need to mess with your server and database and you also save bandwidth. Your students can also learn in the process how to publish their games that going to make at home after school.