HTML5 game crashes since update

Have now tested 2 months, has always worked as an HTML 5 game in the web browser. Since I took out the subscription for 10€/month, an update came and since then no game has run as HTML5. The loading bar goes almost to the end, then nothing happens. The screen stays black and the loading bar freezes.

Hello :wave:

GDevelop is used by dozens of thousands of people, and you are the first to report that :thinking: It is likely a problem on your side…

Have you tried reinstalling GDevelop? It may be you have a corrupted install.

Otherwise, please send a build of your game to allow us to diagnose the issue with it. You can create a liluo build to get a shareable link to an HTML5 build of your game quickly.

Solved: In the FPT program was activated: Convert all file names to lower case.