Html5 not opening on older iPads Since beta99

I know this isn’t important to most, but the school I work in still uses multiple old iPad 2’s for some activities and we noticed that the HTML5 games teachers and students complied using beta99 and beta100 and then uploaded to school’s site or (or other gaming sites) did not load on those older iPads, while they loaded on newer iPad Air 2 and up.
We then rolled back to a beta95 version we still had and uploaded games loaded normally on the older iPad 2’s.

Is that a bug or was support for older devices dropped with beta99?

Thank you.

Recently we dropped android 4 support, but that shouldn’t impact online games. Because of that tho we allow more recent standard in the codebase that were forbidden before because unsupported by android 4. Maybe some part of the engine now uses this standard and it isn’t supported by older iPads.

Sadly we don’t have many devices where we can test games, and without an iPad 2 to see what the error is it will be hard to debug. Afaik no one in the dev team has such an iPad.

Thanks a lot for your answer :purple_heart:
No problem, we’ll ask teachers and students to build their games and then we’ll compile them on the older beta95…
As long as it’s not a bug, no problem… :purple_heart:

Well, a game not loading at all is kind of a nasty bug. :sweat_smile:
Can you confirm what exactly shows, and what iOS version the iPads are running?
From a quick googling, it seems there is a develop checkbox in Safari settings that you can tick to access debugging info. See if you can find anything, it would be helpful. :slight_smile:
Also, if you can try another browser, let us know if it works any better or different.

@arthuro555 I don’t remember seeing a dropped support warning in the release notes. Shouldn’t such things be mentioned? :confused:

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It probably should. It is since beta99, with the upgrade to cordova 9 that was needed to support uploading APKs to the play store.

Will do all this as soon as I reach work tomorrow…
I know it stopped at iOS 9.3.6
But the rest I would have to check…
Thanks a million.