Hyperspace Dogfights [Alpha] [Itch.io]

Vlog #9 ( Week 18 )
Added more actives and the 2nd Boss.

It looks pretty cool!

Added shield indicator and started polishing things up for itch launch.

Teaser Time!

Wahoo realy nice !

Gamingonlinux.com has written an article about your game. Liam is looking forward to it.
Looks like a good start. :wink:


Yeah I appreciate their coverage, very much so.

[size=150]HDog is now in public alpha and available on itch.io![/size]

Official Screenshots

[size=150][color=purple]HDog is now on Steam Greenlight! I’d appreciate your vote. :slight_smile:[/size]

HDog’s current development build features over a hundred different items now. :slight_smile:

Really promising demo :slight_smile: I guess it will be possible later, but the dmeo doesn’t support large resolution (i was not able to select 1920x1080). You have my endorsement on greenlight, and i’ll share it around me :slight_smile:

Thanks, much appreciated. Universal resolution support on full-screen is probably coming with the next update.

Added the ability to reverse thrust in order to break and hover:

And there is tons of new aerial melee stuff:

HDog made it into the final batch of greenlit games. Thanks for your votes!

Really nice, just before the stop of greenlight ^^
Yes because greenlight is over :frowning:

Congratulations !

Awesome! I’m making a twitter and facebook post about it! :slight_smile:

Thanks mate!

The ultra violet update is here, adding loads of new items.
Level and enemy variety is up next.

Started to work on new zones.

Alpha 0.74 (X-Ray) is almost done, featuring many new zones and enemy types.

New bosses incoming.