Hyperspace Dogfights [Alpha] [Itch.io]

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Fly the best jet in the galaxy and demilitarize planets by blowing up their entire combined armed forces,- in front of a never-ending nova sunset.

Juicy Combat
Out-boost your enemies, use gravity to your advantage and hyperspace-dodge through projectiles and structures when things get too hairy.

Make your jet stronger and stranger by gathering some of the 100+ available passive and active items. Use tons of different weapons against your opponent, including aerial melee options.

Engage various air and ground enemies in fierce 2d combat. Confront distinct bosses for each zone or even try surviving beyond that in endless play.

[size=150]Full Teaser[/size]

An aerial dogfighting rogue-like-like-like with fast paced combat and loads of silly item synergies.
Currently working on many new items.

Tons of gifs!

Prototype Dev Vlog:

Vlog #9 ( Week 18 )
More actives, 2nd Boss

Vlog #8 ( Week 16 )
Tutorial simulation, even more items

Vlog #7 ( Week 13 )
First boss, full options menu.

Vlog #5 ( Week 10 )
Added waves, enemy spawning behavior, intermission scene and item chests.

Dev Vlog #4 ( Week 8 )
Added passive and active items, as well as the supporting ui.

Dev Vlog #3 ( Week 7 )
Added lots different ship guns and the supporting ui.

Dev Vlog #2 ( Week 5 )
Implemented additional enemy types.

Dev Vlog #1 ( Week 4 )
Basic air combat and jet behavior.

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This looks interesting :slight_smile: I think that could be pretty cool local/online multiplayer game too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but that’s probably nothing I’ll try to tackle with my first own thing, a little too much risk for my taste. Harder to test, harder to iterate, harder to balance and more stuff that can go wrong. Right now its designed to be single player only.

The new images look great! :slight_smile:

Oktober prototype in action.

It’s looking awesome! :smiley:

Waaooow~Amazing. :mrgreen:

Looking gooood! :mrgreen:

I <3 IT! Really!
Good Job dude :wink:
Its 2P or AI?

Single player, you’ll only fight AI.

New hyperspace dodge roll effect:

Third enemy type is in, a Flak-Mech thing that will engage you from afar. Its targeting gets less accurate the further you are away, but the shots travel faster, giving you roughly the same time to react wherever you are.

/Edit: Revised warning.

//Edit: Additional backgrounds are in.

Vlog #2 (Week 5)

Still having trouble with preview crashes, but I managed to make some progress with weapons and ui by using wine for previews.
Vlog #3 Week 7

Awesome!!! GDevelop is fantastic! at the beginning I did not believe it was so powerful.

This project is amazing, really nice your graphic style, particle effects are very cool: D

Thanks! Yeah its pretty powerful, so far I was able to implement everything I wanted to. (I wish the support would be better though, I still can’t preview reliably in Ubuntu without getting crashes.)

Last weeks I added in additional weapons, like the heavy railgun:

And there are aerial-melee special attacks now:

Last week I started to implement passive and active items. There is a new dev vlog showcasing those.

Thank you for your answer. Try to fill GDevelop under ubuntu. I gave stability problems when modificavo the name of the folder in the window “New project,” everything was crashing. I compiled GDevelop following documentation, and now works better. Perhaps it is because I use the dev version (github repository), let me know if my advice is useful to you. Congratulations for the project, truly amazing what you were able to create with this tool. I will follow with great interest.

Yeah, I’m already running the compiled version on Ubuntu. The crash only occured when certain enemies are spawned during previews, but there is no problem in the compiled game. But I stared working around it previewing in wine, that does it for the meantime.

Vlog #5 ( Week 10 )
Added enemy waves, enemy spawning behaviour, intermission scene and item chests.

Vlog #6 ( Week 11 )
Added various new passive items, as well as new melee weapons.

New Katana in action:

Vlog #7 ( Week 13 )
Added first boss and full options menu.

Vlog #8 ( Week 16 )
Worked on a basic tutorial, taking place in a virtual environment. Added in many more passive items and weapons.