I am new and only have one question

Where are the guidelines for gdevelop and its community? I have no idea where I would even begin to look for something like that. I would like to know so I don’t accidentally break any rules.

The Forum rules are available here: FAQ - GDevelop Forum

Additionally, the terms of service at the bottom of the FAQ list are also part of the forum rules.

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While the rules for this forum are handy, I was asking for the rules of GDevelop itself/its community.

Sorry, I’m not following what you’re asking for then.

This forum is one of the main parts of the GDevelop community. The rules here apply throughout the GDevelop Community.

If you mean something like, the GD.games website or the GDevelop.io web editor, the terms and service are linked at the bottom of the page of that site, and will lead you here: Terms & Conditions | GDevelop

If you mean the discord, you have to agree to the rules before you can even join the server, so they show up before you can get in.

If you mean something else, you’d need to be more specific.

I mean when I publish a game, I want to know what I’m allowed to publish.

You can publish whatever you want. Keep in mind GD.games isn’t part of the game engine, it’s a service made available by the GDevelop company (a separate company from the GDevelop engine open source project, which is maintained by devs from the GDevelop company and open source contributors) and anything you publish there must adhere to the terms and conditions linked above.

You can be banned from the GDevelop company services in general for not following those rules. Those services are separate from the open source engine itself, but provided as convenience or extra features outside if it (and in some cases, linked from within it.) For example: GD.games, the external online build server, cloud storage, etc.

Even if you do get banned there you’d still be able to use the desktop version of the engine. You would always be able to build your games locally not using the external online build server.

Edit: If you’re worried about the GDevelop company provided services, then I’d recommend reading the Terms & Conditions link I provided above, and ensure you read through the whole thing as there’s many different parts. I’d strongly recommend paying attention to the Prohibited use section.

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Thank you, that is all I need for now.

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