I can not to make a timer

In “other conditions” / “Timers and time” I choose “Value of a scene timer” and I have “Choose an operator” at right column. It wasn’t before. I don’t understand how to work with it.

Hi, from your writing it is unclear what your problem is. If you do what you described (other conditions → Timers and time → Value of a scene timer) you set a time and the name of the timer as a condition (for instance: if timer “time_passed” is 3 second then do something). For starting a timer and other actions you have to go to the action column of the event sheet.

Yep. It was like you write. But now I have strange option and this timer not working.

First was making like you write and it work. Yesterday.
Second like in first screenshot and not working. Today. And I cannot to make a timer by first way.
I use linux.

You chose “≥ greater or equal to”, try “> greater than” and it should be the same as before the update.
And remember since the update, timers no longer start automatically, they have to be started with an action.

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To add some detail:

At the start of the release notes for 5.0.126, there’s a alert letting you know that the old method of timers are depreciated.

Existing usage of those events will continue working. You will not be able to use timers in that manner for any new timers, and you will need to actually start a timer manually via events before conditions will pick up/use a timer.

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Thanks a lot guys! I did not expect that everything is changing so quickly, I will be careful.