I Cannot Export my Game!


Those are the log files.i’m trying to export my cloud project to Desktop but it keep giving me error. Help, Please?

I see, you may want to get an installer for the game, so when you hit Export, (the blue button at the top) and click on Desktop, click Windows (auto-installer file), that way, you can have the installer, but also a singular version of the game itself. Good luck with your game! - EXEGameCreator <3

buddy, thank you, But i Can’t

i tried with different Project and its worked but not with my current project, im guessing there’s bug in the engine.
my other Project:

Hm… Interesting, I tested with my Kirby’s Adventure.exe game, and it worked fine, maybe check the logs for anything wrong! If there seems to be nothing wrong, try reinstalling your engine, it might work! - EXEGameCreator <3