I cant drag and place objects

I have a problem. Sometimes i can’t drag objects and put them on the scene and i have to restart the program to solve it.
Thank you

Please confirm the following:

  • GDevelop beta version
  • GDevelop online: what browser or GDevelop offline: what operating system

Also, when the issue occurs:

  • Are you unable to drag objects (pick with the cursor and move them around) or unable to drop them on the scene?
  • Can you copy-paste objects already on the scene?
  • Can you drag and drop in other scenes?

We need as many details as possible to figure out what’s happening. If you can make a video of the issue or figure out steps that trigger the issue every time, it will help us.

  1. I was using the last desktop beta version and i was running it on windows 10 pro

  2. I can’t drag them to the scene

  3. Yes i can copy and paste the objects on the scene and i can select on the objects menu the object and press right click on the scene and create a instance of that object on the scene

  4. No i can’t drag objects on any scene

Thanks for the details. I moved the topic to Bug reports.
If it happens again and/or if you find any additional info about this bug, please share it here. :slight_smile:

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have the same issue. How do I fix this issue?

Hi! It happens to me too.
It is quite unpredictable and when it happens, I can’t drag and drop object to the scene and I can’t drag and drop events either.
Copy and Paste is still working though.

I’m on Windows 11 Family and I’m using the last Desktop version.

I’ll try to find a pattern but as of now, I can’t really tell when this is happening…



Hey! Me again!
I think I know why it’s not working properly, at least for me… I’m working on a HP Spectre which is a hybrid computer : the screen is tactile.
What happens is : everything seems to work fine as long as I don’t touch the screen. Whenever I touch the screen, it must start the “tactile mode” and I can’t drag and drop using the mouse again.
I can drag and drop using the tactile screen though…