I can't find my game on gd.games after publish - SOLVED


I’ve published two games on gd.games. There doesn’t seem to be a newly published category.
My games have discoverable enabled but i can’t see any of the thumbnails in the categories I chose.


I also made my game

[Space Mission | Play on gd.games]

discoverable on gd.games. You can find it on my profile page but not in the categories I chose, for example the “Shooter” category.


I’m really interested in learning more about the advantages of publishing my game on gd.games. Is there an option to sell it, or is it exclusively free? I’ve developed a mobile game that I can already monetize through ads. So, why should I consider publishing it on gd.games? Am I looking for recognition, or are there other benefits that I haven’t discovered yet?

You can Only find it on categories page if your game as a number of plays you moght have to click on load more games because there are many games made with gdevelop so they cant keep every game so You enabled discoverable means that players can Find it through your profile page

You might have to sell it like on itch.io upload the game files and set a price the players can purchase your game

My game has more than 3240 plays so it should be already on the front page in the “Shooter” category, right before the game with less plays. Of course, I know it won’t appear in the “Top hits” section because I think to get a slot there you have to pay for it. But I would expect to see my game’s thumb at least after the “Hot right now” section. Since all games are sorted by the number of plays, it should appear before the game with less plays. But this is not the case. Clicking “Load more games” doesn’t help. I clicked endless times. My game can only be found on my profile page. So, what’s the point to categorize a game when it can’t be found on the appropriate pages?

Hot right now section has games that are trending not those games who are barely getting any plays.

Just check it its on Hot Right Now

Yes, it appears in “Hot right now” on the MAIN page of gd.games. Fine by me. But it’s not listed in the “Shooter” category AFTER the “Hot right now” section. I’m not desperate for admiration, recognition, or whatever, but it bothers me that my game is not listed there among all the other games. Just check yourself: the game right before the “Load more games” button currently has 2525 plays, whereas my game already has 3261 plays, so it should appear before that game. I’ve come to the conclusion that my game is deliberately filtered out so other games get more attention.

Games come where and where not is decided by the algorithm which is automated just checkout develop on mail

Oh, thanks for the in-depth clarification! If an obscure algorithm decides whether my game should appear in the proper category or not, I can’t do much about it, I just have to accept it. But I find it still confusing that obviously EVERY GDevelop game can be found in the proper category, even games with very few plays, you just have to press the “Load more games” button often enough. My game is not listed because of the algorithm? OK, so be it!

Happy to close this off.