I can't see light objects

I can’t see light objects on my “Android” (its actually a device that I connect
to my TV and it runs Android, its name is MBOX and version 10.1)

I’ve tested in a real Android and I can see the objects.

The browser I am using on the TV device is the browser Via, and it supports WebGL.

It has been months since can’t see the light objects.{

Update: this is shown at the console.

PixiJS Error: Could not initialize shader.

Group: JavaScript

Timestamp: 23.4599s

0: precision mediump float; 1: #define SHADER_NAME pixi-shader-5 %c2: precision highp float;%c 3: uniform vec2 center; 4: uniform float radius; 5: uniform vec3 color; 6: varying vec2 vPos; 7: 8: void main() { 9: float l = length(vPos - center); 10: float intensity = 0.0; 11: if(l < radius) 12: intensity = clamp((radius - l)(radius - l)/(radiusradius), 0.0, 1.0); 13: gl_FragColor = vec4(color*intensity, 1.0); 14: }background: #FF0000; color:#FFFFFF; font-size: 10pxfont-size: 10px

Group: JavaScript

Timestamp: 23.458s

ERROR: 0:3: ‘highp’ : precision is not supported in fragment shader