I cant work on my Game Jam #2 submission anymore and i have to give up on my dreams this time :,)

while this upsets me a ton, it’s due to recent events in life now that I am a graduate. But here’s a video showcasing my 3 hours of effort:

2022 08 02 14 55 28 - YouTube (unlisted video)

Good luck to everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

That looked pretty smooth. Shame you couldn’t finish it - I’m guessing the game would have looked delicious if that was your opening scene :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

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It is definitely the most effort I’ve put into a new project. it Seriously pains me I can’t just have the time with my computer anymore, I’d at least like to participate as a developer :disappointed_relieved:

But I’m glad you have a positive impression! I don’t like to be lazy :blush:

I hope to further the project outside of the game jam.

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