I guess it's time to learn Unity (The road to Melted Fate) 🧠

Hi everyone and to my close friends in the GDevelop community.

I’m Khaled from Coriander Games and the one behind Miko Adventures Puffball
I started working with GDevelop in 2015 or 216 (about 6 - 7 years ago)
And it gave me the courage to venture into my dream of creating games and have a full time job as an Indie Game Developer.

In 2021 (Sept 15th) >> Miko Adventures Puffball was released to the world and It was my first success.:

on Jan 2022 I began working on a project or you can say on a vision.
It’s called Melted Fate

-------“Logo of Project Melted Fate (WIP)”-------

Project Melted Fate is a big project, bigger than my own capabilities even on a simple engine like GDevelop.

About a week ago I decided to leave GDevelop and move to learn Unity and remake the whole project there and start from ZERO so basically learn everything about a new (BEAST) engine, learn visual scripting and a little bit of C# and basically learn Unity all together and open new possibilities for Melted Fate, have an engine that can handle the details that will be in the game with much better visuals, physics, lightning and everything else…

-------“Concept art from Melted Fate, it does not represent the final look of the game”-------

I got in touch with some very well known publishers
I was having a small conversation with them about the possibility for them to publish a big project like Melted Fate when it’s made on GDevelop and every answer I got was >>> Unity or Unreal is the safest thing to work on as 95% of publishers will need that…

Many said not to go with GDevelop as it’s very risky for the game to not get accepted just because it’s made on a not very well known engine like GDevelop (because it’s a new engine and many companies don’t have the expertise needed to work on it and no one knows if they will ever do >> most likely it will not happen), Many even said that it’s not safe to work with something like Construct 3 or Build box as it’s risky when contacting publishers…

The road ahead of me is so difficult as I’ll need to learn Unity for like 1 - 2 years and then begin working on Melted Fate from the start, Unity has always been terrifying for me

It is such a difficult decision to take as I always loved working on GDevelop and was feeling so confident with it…

-------“Concept art from Melted Fate, it does not represent the final look of the game”-------

So you might be wondering about some questions:

1- Am I 100% gone forever from GDevelop?
Not at all, I’ll always be around, can’t leave or forget the people who helped me at a point where I didn’t know a thing about game dev and GDevelop will always be my favorite, you might see me come here sharing stuff, asking questions and so on, I’m always going to be here and on Discord too.

2- Will I leave Game Development at some point?
100% no … the day will come when Melted Fate happens and it’s going to be epic.
I was born to create games, I can’t and won’t stop doing what I love :heart:
Yes the road is difficult ahead but it doesn’t mean that I’m leaving anything.

All what’s happening is that I’m evolving to the next step, adjusting my way to be on the correct road to reach what I’m aiming for >>> basically turning game development into a real career.
Yes it will take years … yes it will take effort but eventually >> when it happens it’s going to be epic.

That being said:
If anyone have some good easy and juicy tutorials playlist on YouTube or anywhere else (Even if paid) >> Please let me know about it.

I’ll always be around.
Love you all and thank you for reading :heart:


Intersting you’ve gone for Unity, it’s a completely different mindset and way of thinkging to GDevelop, so it may take you some time to get to grips with it, Having said that, there are more possibilities to what you can do with it than GDevelop.

Did you ever consider Unreal engine or Godot? I spent a few years pottering round with Unity, and about a year with Godot, and personally prefer the latter. For me, Unity seemed like a truck compared to the SUV that is Godot.

I assume that’s for Unity related material? I’d suggest Brackey’s on YouTube. They stopped making the videos a few years ago, but the 100+ videos that are there are fantastic for learning Unity.

Otherwise, Umedy has always been touted as a good Untiy resource (but paid, I think). PluralSight is a big learning site too, for a large range of technologies…

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Buenas, me siento altamente sorprendido y motivado por dicho comentario tuyo, ya te vi “escrito” en otro sitio, por ello para que te vayas con un buen sabor de boca de Gdevelop te recomiendo el youtuber “Code Monkey” , tiene varios tutoriales de diversas cosas sobre Unity, no es el único, pero es uno que mire unas cuantas veces para entender algunos conceptos, nuevamente espero volverlo a ver en otra publicación o en la salida/evolución de su juego un saludo.

I think Godot is still a “new” engine for companies to pick up yet, plus there are more tutorials on Unity than Godot. (I like Godot over Unity, so please don’t take this as me bashing on Godot)

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@CorianderGames I’ve enjoyed reading your updates and struggles over the past couple of years. I’m curious if you are able to share how it’s been working with a publisher vs self publishing. I’m also curious what marketing techniques you’ve found successful for Milko on Steam.
Good luck with Unity, it’s a beast.

I think if your game is good enough, it doesn’t matter what engine is used. But if the features of Unity make your game better, there is indeed a bigger chance to get accepted by a publisher. Enough games get declined, including games from Unity and Unreal, and even good/great games. Let’s say “Stardew Valley” was created in GDevelop (this is possible, albeit some differences), I don’t believe it would get declined because of the engine.

This being said, I wish you the best of luck in Unity. I have used it myself for quite a while but never felt intwined with it, which I do feel with GDevelop. The hardest thing I find with Unity is keeping your project organized. I continuously kept losing things. Creating separate scripts makes it hard to keep track of everything. It kind of feels like a woman’s handbag, you gotta dig through it way too long to find what you need.

I have tried both C# and Visual Scripting, and really recommend going with C#. Visual scripting looks easy at first but when things get larger it will all look like spaghetti. I don’t want to leave you barehanded, so this is a tutorial playlist I can recommend about an inventory system done with visual scripting. Even if you don’t need it, it will teach you a lot about Unity. Good luck with your journey :wink:

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Best of luck with it. I’ve seen the dedication, the drive and the passion you have for your art and I have no doubts that you will achieve what you intend to do.

I hope too see your vision come to life in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey everyone,
I want to apologize for a such a delayed response from my end to all of you and over all for my disappearance since I posted this post, I just want to let you know that I’m going through one of the worst times in my entire life, I mean on the emotional side…
First thing that happened to me was >> I need to learn a whole new beast engine (which is unity) and I found “something” that might help me on the way so that’s a good thing at least but still UNITY is terrifying.
Second horrible thing I’m going through is >>> I lost the closest person to my heart and the love of my life (Not dead >> but it’s a forced break up because life is not on our side >>> life sucks so much sometimes) … and this is affecting me so bad you have no idea, I never went through this much emotions in such a short period of time.
Third thing I want to mention is how broken we can get as humans when we get hit with so much emotions at the same time no matter how strong we are … I feel so broken from every angle atm, but I’ll be back >> this I know at least…
Forth thing I want to say is >> I want to say to @MrMen @ElementerTheDragon @carlosfruitcup @krunkster @Epicsleeper @convictedweirdo who replied to this important post and everyone on discord and on my DM here and on discord who asked about how things are going with unity or asking about the change to a new engine in general and have questions on Melted Fate.
My discord is at above 60 messages (I’m really sorry)
“I’m really sorry for not replying to anyone, and just over all ghosting everyone, I just want to shutdown and rest from everything in life even game dev … I just want to play video games … and just get back to myself first … the loss I’m going through is the hardest thing that I probably will ever go through in my life … it’s the biggest test from god to me so far, please keep me in your prayers, pray that god gives me the strength needed to get back again on my feet, to fight any depression, to fight any weakness”.
I’ll answer and reply to everyone I promise … only when I get back to myself first and just >>> rest…
I wish there was a button to just “SKIP” 2022 for me, never thought it would be like that…
Thank you for reading this quick update about what is happening and really sorry that it was not related to game dev but I felt it’s my duty to update people who cares about me and what I do.
Currently I’m playing:
1- Skyrim (with over 170 mods, it was so fun and complicated to mod this game with that much mods but it was so worth it, the game now feels like it was made in 2040 or something it’s crazy)
2- Far Cry 6 (It’s good ol Far Cry … no complains)
3- I just got we happy few (Saw today people saying that it’s a good game)
4- Elden Ring for sure (Best game ever made no doubt)
5- The Ascent (still haven’t tried it yet)
6- God Of War
And that’s it… games fix everything… with time…
Thank you everyone and again I’m really sorry…
I’ll be back >>> when I’m ready…

Now enjoy these pictures I took of space with my telescope as a gift from me :heart:

Moon Map I made

And here are some of the planets we all know and love

Here is the Moon and Venus (They were not close but it was edited by me to show how close they look to each other)

And finally here is Mr.Cadbury (He was my life at some point but now he lives in heaven, at least a better place right?)

Love you all…
(I’ll come back)
Coriander Games
Signing out…


Bien comprensible el asunto, este no es un foro de psicólogos pero seguro que podemos darte ánimos y alguna idea si gustas en pasarte, por ahora prioriza tu salud sobre todo y juega mucho :V