I have a some feedback

Hello, I have been a Construct 2 user for a few years and after trying GDevelop for a couple of days I’m pretty impressed by it, specially the quality of Behaviours, the integration with other tools such as Piskel or JFXR and the fact that it’s free to use.

That being said I have some feedback on a couple of things that I find annoying.

  1. I find the interface can be too big, for instance the text size and input fields in the scene editor, and with no way to zoom them out like in the events. And this gets worse for people that use Windows scaling, leaving you with a scene window that feels cramped.

  2. In the events sheet, I can’t rearrange more than one event at the same time, even though I have multiple selected. Also I can’t select a range of events using the shift key, just like it works on windows files or even Construct 2 events.

Oh and this must be some type of bug I just found but if I select two events, and copy paste them, I get 4 extra copies instead of 2.

Well that was it, good job on the software, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for future updates.


:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Can you share screenshots to illustrate #1?
You’re right about the multiple dragging issue.
Shift key is used for multiple selections, though. Not sure why the standard Ctrl/Shift actions aren’t used.
If, when you paste, you have n lines selected, the clipboard content will be pasted n times. I was told this is a common programming feature.

I’ve included a screenshot, this is with Windows scaling to 125%, and the panels are already as horizontally small as I can make them. I feel it would be better if the text size/input fields was smaller so more info would fit on them and not have to scroll them as much, and also allowing to resize the panels even more so the middle editor area would be as big as possible. Maybe a keyboard shortcut to hide the panels if possible.

For the event shell issue, I’ve made a .webm to showcase what I mean, I don’t think think this is normal:

Thanks for the screenshot, just wanted to make sure how it looked for you.
Are you not supposed to downscale to <100% to see more things?
But yes, sometimes I wish I could make the panels thinner too.

And yes, your video shows normal behavior, as I explained above. Two lines multiplied by two highlighted lines makes four new lines.

Ironically I need to use the scaling so that Windows itself (specially the fonts) can look decent on a 1080p screen.

To be honest I’ve never seen this behavior in copy/pasting, however I now see that if you paste in a different section of the event sheet it works as usual. It only multiplies if pasted on the same spot so I guess that’s okay.

This is the behaviors screenshot I couldn’t upload before because of the new user limit.

Well, I use an HD monitor and never tried that scaling feature. :person_shrugging:
Is it any better on the GDevelop side if you downscale?

What did you mean to say about that behaviors screen?