I have a weird flashing graphics problem with GDevelop

This is what it looks like, the sprites keeps flashing whenever I preview this test project : https://imgur.com/a/kAutcUp

P.S : The weird graphics glitch in the video and the lag is caused by the recording software, but the textures flashing is the thing I meant.

Is this a graphics card problem ? It’s a 256 MB ATI Radeon 3100 Graphics integrated card, if it’s necessary to know.

I made sure the drivers are updated, and restarted my pc.

Hi there.
256MB sounds pretty old.
Does the preview of other projects trigger similar issues?
Physics projects need more resources, so it would make sense. :confused:

I didn’t test them yet, but I wonder if it does the same thing does this mean I can’t run GDevelop at all ?

Well, running GDevelop and previewing any project is not the same thing.
You should try to run a Web export of that project, maybe it’ll run smoother.
Either way, you’ll be able to run GDevelop but maybe not able to preview all your work. :confused:

I guess running it without previewing will make development with it hell to be honest…

Isn’t there really any fix for this ? I had some similar issue with Love2D not displaying stuff properly, which turned out to be a " ATI graphics card issue " so I thought maybe it has to do with it .

You may have to buy a new laptop. There are some in the $600 range on Amazon. They’re not the best, but can run and test your apps.

If not, you can always buy a used Macbook Pro from www.BackMarket.com

I bought mine for under $600 and am enjoying it. I can use my laptop to develop the graphics and GDevelop, and then test it on a Mac OS and also Windows via VirtualBox.