I have an error when I use the boolean variable

I have an error when I use the boolean variable, since the system is inverted, I think it is a bug or something like that, tell me if it is me or if it is a bug.

I just need to move forward on a project.

Locked variable equals True

With this block, it says that if said Locked variable is true, then it has to show me the following actions

Well, said icon does not block it for me, rather, it is the opposite as if it were false, but in reality it is true

But when I set it to false, it blocks it… What you shouldn’t do

If anyone knows what’s going on, tell me

Why are you using Avatar.uno.bloqueado?

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To add to what @suh is asking, is Avatar an object? If so, you cannot use Global Boolean Variable on an object variable. You must use boolean value of object variable:


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To lock the image icon 3

Very good, I will try it as you indicate, thank you.