I just registered and want to say "Hi".

Hi all,

I’ve just registered with this board, because I kind of tested the Game Develop sofware and I must admit; I’m pretty impressed with it.
It might seem strange that after testing/using programs like “Yo-Yo Game Maker”, “Unity 3D”, “SSE”,“Open Sim”, etc., I’m really willing to give Game Develop a serious spin.
My reason for this is because of the fact that some things are just made way easy within Game Develop, giving me time to focus on what I like best: Creating Content for my small ideas.

I’m no programmer or code-jockey. Although I do have some basic understanding of these subjects; it’s not my main point of interest. My main interest goes to, I think people would call it like that, gameplay. (What would be nice and interesting for a player; How to achieve this is another thing)

Well anyway, that’s just a bit about me, myself and I.

Hope to see you around,


Hi there, I’m kinda new here too, yeah, GD is pretty neat, it’s pretty easy to use.

So, hello to you, welcome!

I hope that GD will fit your need :slight_smile:

As usual, I like to ask this question : How did you heard about GD ? ( A particular website? Another forum? )


I didn’t really hear about Game Develop, to be honest. I just kind of ran in to it. I did a thorough search on the internet for any “new” game SDK’s and that’s how I discovered Game Develop.

The features which are presented on the main page made me choose this program. I mean; there’re some really nice features. For instance; the networking stuff. Amazing and so easy to use. Instead of heaving to code every tit bit of action it’s all, sort of, automated.

For instance:
I’ve been working on a small multiplayer game in Game Maker for quiet a while. The hard bit was the network coding, because I had to declare any and every value to a specific array (or how you call that in network memory) It did work, but was a pain in the *rse, because it took precious time out of actually creating content for the small game.

Hmm, I seem to be loosing myself in stories…,again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, anayway, that’s how I discovered Game Develop.

Yeah, GD needs to me more prominent in the search engines somehow, it needs some publicity, it deserves more than it gets.