I love doing stuff nobody has done (black hole)

i made a black hole !!! (and a really cool space background that slowly rotates with a displacement map, its so cool)



added rough edges and asteroids

This looks promising. Is it acually animated?
What comes in my mind is that, that you could with it create a really cool open world space game with it:
I saw a lot of simple shooter with moving left right, enemies come from the north and you shoot and so on, well, but what… if you set the goal a way higher and create something that big like for example Everspace 2 but in 2D. Visiting different solarsystems and its planets, doing missions, upgrading ships and all with a cool linear story packed with various circumstances which the known universe has to offer. :slight_smile:

fully animated with movement for objects falling in the black hole too! theres even asteroids and other small debris that spawn and get sucked into the black hole

Sounds great, really expand this feature for a certain gameplay.