I love you guys

As you can guess by the title, I have successfully figured out a tricky piece of logic that has taken me a day and a half to solve. So I decided to take this moment to share how much I love everyone here and life in general.

Enjoy it now before I encounter the next hiccup in my project, muahahah.


It goes both ways. I love helping but I also love the challenge and I learn along the way. I always say “this is one way” or “how I would do it”. I still need to learn a lot.

The language might appear small but it’s complex. Gdevelop does multiple things with a single action or condition especially when there are instances. It can be confusing. There are also a lot of expressions which I feel get less attention maybe because they’re not as visible or documented as actions and conditions.

What I really love about Gdevelop is the file structure. I get overwhelmed with most languages that use a dozen different filetypes. “What do you mean by .h and .ca files?” It also doesn’t need all of the imports, dependencies and references.


We love you too lucky-j <3


Gdevelop is amazing and I love using it and being a part of the forum community. I find our community is friendly, innovative, and most importantly welcoming to newcomers.


Awww, shucks - back atcha!