I made a game for ludum dare 47

Hi,just wanted to say that I made a game for ludum dare 47 using gdevelop.If you can please go and leave a feedback of the game.

The name of the game is Looped. It’s an action shooter were you are stuck in a loop(circle)and you have to defend the circle from enemies who may shoot you and have to avoid it by moving using the Arrow keys and you can shoot using the mouse.
Inkscape,Kenny assets
Bfxr,bosca ceoil
Made by Midhil M (Leo Red)
Link to the game


Drop a link of your game :wink:

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OK, got it :grinning:

Very well made.

I saw someone make a comment that wasd for movement would be a nice addition, and should be easy to program. I would second that.

As an extra option, and maybe slightly more challenging I thought it could be neat to use a different control scheme.

Instead of Up, Down, Left Right, maybe try forward, backward, rotate left, rotate right, and give player the option to choose the format they like best.

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Yay,I forgot to add WASD and did not have time to add other features maybe next time. THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK :heart_eyes: . You helped me so solve the player being stuck in the loop problem. THANK YOU :heart_eyes: