I made a game hope you like it

feedback would be appreciated thank you.


Fun little game. First level, completed.

But that second level is a monster with so many ghouls coming at you at once.


I like it! My feedback is:

  • In the beggining of the game I think you can put something like “Destroy the graves!” for when it starts we know what we need to do;

  • You can put some simple movement on objects we can get (life, bonus attack etc). The first time I played I didn’t realize them because they seems to be part of the background;

  • I think it’s a bug: sometimes enemies stop colliding with my shots and later return to normal;

  • The music stops and takes time to get back. Maybe for your game musics more faster will be more fun because it’s have a good action.

  • When come to much enemies the game starts to freezy. If you put a limit of the number of enemies and make some enemies more stronger to compensate?


Hi, I agree with MrMen and Rasterisko. The game is fun. I wanted to suggest to give the player a better weapon/attack as an achievement for keeping up with the large waves of ghosts. After reading Rasteriskos post I guess that’s there and I just did not recognize it.

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thanks for feedback :hugs:

thanks for your feedback , well very good observation I will fix all that issues, and again thanks for your honest feedback, thankyou

have a nice day,

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thanks for your feedback

thanks for the feedback :hugs: