I made a game, now i want to port it to mobile

I made a game :slight_smile:

now I want to port it to mobile. So I want to ask will it work OK, I mean it won’t be sluggish ?

Try it, it’s just a few clicks.
If you don’t make a lot of mistakes in the code & asstes and the device is not extremely old, it will work fine on mobile :slight_smile: There are many GD mobile games.

maybe offtopic, but perhaps you can also share your experiences with publishing to Steam and the process associated with it :slight_smile:

there wasn’t anything bad in my experience. Only thing is that you have to pay steam fee for every game (100 usd) and that it is really hard to earn money, its a cutthroat competition :slight_smile:
this channel helped How to Upload a Game to Steam 2021 - Step by Step Guide - YouTube

I also recently published a game on Steam, as well as Google Play and App Store:

The hardest part IMO is getting an MacOS build machine so that you can build iOS. Creating an aap or apk for Android is trivial with GDevelop’s built in support.

Did you know you can also add achievements to your Steam release using the Greenworks SDK? It requires setting up a manual build environment for each OS though… it’s not easy.

I can help you out if needed just let me know.

Also how did you get three people to buy and review your game already?!!!
I send out to like 30 curators and have gotten no reviews :cry:

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Regarding Greenworks… funny thing is that this indeed caught my eye about a month ago, and i was wondering if anyone pulled it off with Gdevelop games. When you read about it it looks simple initially, but apparently its not. Though having achievements available in Steam is important to me.
I will definitely contact you when I am ready, currently 99% ready with my game.

definitely will contact you when I start doing update for River Rush (steam achievements, leader boards etc). Same for iPhone port. Have you thought of making a tutorial of how you did all that, it would be great promotion for you and your game(s) :slight_smile:
As for steam curators, don’t relay on them :slight_smile: ask some friends to review your game, I don’t think its against steam policy if you don’t say to them that they have to give you a thumbs up ? :slight_smile:

Maybe we can review eachothers games here on Steam? :slight_smile:

I will buy Triple Jump, to support fellow Gdeveloper :slight_smile: yours is Xenofeud ? I will wish list it as soon as there is a steam page ( I could t find it)


Regarding Achievements, The guide from @arthuro555 is still a good place to start:

However, here are some notes to build on what you see there:

  • Use the latest version of Greenworks and Steam SDK (not 1.42 or w/e)
  • Don’t put the Steam SDK in the greenworks node_modules path, instead put it outside of your build path and set an environment variable called STEAMWORKS_SDK_PATH
  • Once you get a solid build, backup your package.json file. Because thenext time you export from Gdevelop it will clobber your updated one. So you’ll need to replace it and update the version number for your game each time you export.

MacOS specific gotchas:

  • Steam SDK you’ll need to copy (or link) the osx directories to a new osx32 directory in the public/steam/lib and redistributable_bin directories. This is because the node_modules/greenworks/binding.gyp in your build will reference osx32 not osx. You can modify that file if you want but I recommend not making changes directly in there since it might get blown away.
  • Set an envar for CSC_IDENTITY_AUTO_DISCOVERY=false to prevent signing… Steam is not really requiring MacOS to be notarized yet, so save yourself that whole hassle.

Im Currently Working on an unique game in which there is a coop muliplyer sidescrolling rpg game, I even have a pvp system for a pvp mode. The thing is I want to publish the game, both on steam and the playstore both with controller support but the plugin keeps swapping animations when the program is basically the same as keyboard and mouse. So move right makes the player move right using the move left animation. Nowhere in the code does it say to do this with the controller input. It works fine on keyboard though. Im a solo dev and I plan to spend time on this. Has anyone else ran into this before?

A game called “Suika Game” being a viral hit or available in mobile browsers. It’s possible that this game gained popularity after my last update, or it may be a specific title that I don’t have information about.