I made online game like pico park for mobile Android with gdevelop5

Let’s play with your friends
You can play offline mode or online mode

Server default, sorry about lag and please rating in playstore



Hi! The game is interesting! Completed all available levels (15, single).
What I noticed:

  • when one of the cats is big, it doesn’t look pretty;
  • the big cat cannot move the boxes, but the small one may look strange;
  • if the first cat entered the door, it will be more convenient if the switch to the remaining cat immediately occurs (so that the player does not have to switch);
  • at the end of the level (when the second cat enters the door), if at the same time the control buttons are pressed, then when I exit to the level selection menu, the same level is immediately started again.

Good luck!

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:frowning: next i improve this , thanks you for playing my game

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