I need help. How do I create a menu in a vertical slider?

I dont know how to make a vertical slider and then put a menu inside it.

I’ve hacked the very basics of a vertical sliding menu using 2 extensions - Sprite Mask and DraggableSliderControl. Here’s what it all looks like :


and here’s how to achieve it :

  1. Add SpirteMasking and DraggableSliderControl to your project :


  1. Create an object group and place all the menu option objects in this group. I called mine MaskAffected :


  1. Add a white sprite. I called mine TheMask.
  2. Add an extra layer. I called mine NonMovingLayer.
  3. On the base layer, add your menu options :

  1. On the layer named NonMovingLayer, add the white sprite and resize it to the size of the scrolling window (I’ve also added some black boxes as a border around it) :

  1. Add a Shape Painter object. I called mine SliderController. Add the DraggableSliderControl behaviour to it.

  2. Drag an instance of the SliderController (the shape painter object) onto the scene, and change it’s layer to NonMovingLayer. Set it’s angle to -90 decrees. Positioning will take a bit of trial and error.

  1. Add the following code. The 360 value is something you’ll have to play round with to get it scrolling far enough.


Wow, this is amazing. I’m going to follow the steps just to learn some new things like sprite masks.