I need help to my plugin

Hello, I making a plugin called Gdevelop+, I need help, I don’t know what additions to put on it, and I need more equipment to create it, since it is an ambitious and very advanced project

What do you mean? What does that plugin do?
The easiest way to contribute to GDevelop is to build an extension.

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Add more functions to gdevelop and behaviors

To be clear, you need to actually define what “GDevelop+” is supposed to do. “Add more functions to Gdevelop” isn’t a goal, that’s what extensions/plugins/etc do, by default.

In most cases, other engine users aren’t going to come up with ideas for you.

Gdevelop+ no is a extension which adds functions to the engine, is a pack of other extensions and exclusives of Gdevelop+ and something else interesting

Again, you have to actually define what it does that you’re looking for help for.

Usually, other community members aren’t going to be able to assist you (or in some cases won’t want to help at all), without actual context on what you need help on.

Otherwise people aren’t likely to suggest ideas for something nebulous and undefined.

I need help and ideas to build it, its a really ambitious plugin you really need multiple people to do it, no is easy make 100% working perfectly plugin

in this moment the extension haves the next new behaviors: Custom Cursor, Konami Code, FlexBox

Those aren’t new behaviors, though. Those all exist in the engine’s extension list today.

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not only will there be existing ones, there will also be exclusives of the extension

You are welcome to build whatever you like, however I don’t know that people are looking for anything that just includes stuff that already exists.

please read this quote

here a video of the extension

and not only that, but also already existing but improved extensions

So keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to submit an extension that contains other extensions within it to the official extension list, so you’ll have to maintain and promote it separately.

And again, I’m not sure anyone is going to want an extension that is just a collection of other existing extensions, even if you add additional functionality.

However, I’m just telling you that I’m not sure. You’re welcome to make whatever you like.

I don’t know if there is a page in the wiki of the rules of the extensions, if there is, pass the link

Already have the prealpha beta to start tested

is in this link: Release Gdevelop+ 0.0.2 PreAlpha · Crashenterminate/gdevelop-plus · GitHub

I add a behavior which makes the object that has the behavior show its hitboxes

it seems to me that such functionality already exists in the engine itself (without extensions)