I need ideas for my game

Hello Gdevelopers,
I am making a ball game with bouncers. The game starts underground, but you need to reach the sky by bouncing on bouncers. I am stuck on how I can make the game more challenging. I was thinking about having hearts during the game. Whenever the ball hits the bottom of the bouncers (red area) one heart will disappear. When all the hearts are gone, the game is over. I was also thinking about moving/rotating the bouncers, but I am not so sure.
So, I want to know:
How can I make the game more challenging/exciting?
Any tips are welcome. I really appreciate it!

You could move them sideways, yeah.
Maybe also increase the distance of the bouncers, so it would be harder not to miss them.
Some obstacles, too, perhaps.

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Consider adding the following:

Collectables that

  • alters the speed of the game,
  • alters the size of the platforms
  • changes the shape of the ball (to a rugby ball or some geometric shape)
  • reverse the horizontal jump direction
  • invert the scene so it’s up-side-down (but not the score, health etc)
  • place a temporary safety net at the bottom of the screen to catch the ball and prevent losing a heart
  • a series of stars that increase the score. More collected in a row the bigger the score increase
  • create orbiting golf/tennis balls, that spin around the basketball protecting it from bad objects
  • metal covering that temporarily makes the basketball indestructible
  • give the basketball spikes (like snow tyres) that protect it from bad objects

objects that fly in from the side:

  • ones that puncture the ball
  • ones that bounce the ball across a bit

General objects:
  • sharp objects that puncture the ball, reducing the jump height
  • puncture repair kits to fix the damage done by the sharp object
  • a pump, that gives the ball a temporary bounce increase

Thank you very much for the help!